What is Environment

Garbage and sewage are obviously wastes that harm our environment but there is more. Human activity can have an enormous impact on the environment. The mere act of living can contaminate water. Human waste and animal manure from the farming process inevitably pollutes water sources. Air pollution is a huge problem we are facing today and is also caused by human activity. If we don’t control it, it will affect our health negatively As can be seen, human activities can create a huge amount of problems for our environment. These are things on which we will work


It sounds like a no-brainer that we need to take better care of the environment. We should all invest in renewable energy, drive less, and recycle our trash. And yet climate change skeptics still exist. What’s more, many people seem to think it’s still possible for the Earth to recover from human damage done decades ago–despite the fact that most scientists agree that nothing short of rethinking how we live will really help us save our planet.